[Gambas-user] Process and Textareas

Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Fri Feb 21 20:07:27 CET 2003

Salut Benoit,

today I tried to find a solution for my targamb project, I had a look to 
/examples/Console I remarke that now you ditn't use sh anymore ,but bash.

But also I found something strange, something mast have be changed since 
you last have tested this.
Textarea.pos shows a higher value then Textarea.length
so  Textarea.pos = Textarea.length in Process_Write and Process_Error 
often are writing into the existing Text.

Try it with ls -l

And also at this ls -l the  Process_Error which brings as argument the 
prompt can raise at every moment, usually in the middle or beginning  of 

My be thats a special efact of ls -l .(Ditn't test with others commands)

still talking  gambas-0.44.1



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