[Gambas-user] Database component, RedHat and Mandrake problems

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sun Feb 16 11:56:49 CET 2003

Hello everybody,

I have put a pre-version of gambas with a database component at the following url:


This package is intended to test, not to use !

This database component is composed of the following:
- A main database component named gb.db
- A postgresql driver component named gb.db.postgresql

This component is sufficient, but limited, as it can query the database but cannot query nor modify its structure.

I explained in the development mailing-list why querying and modifying the database structure is not standard, and so is more difficult to program. This functionality will be implemented in a far future...

Now, I'm looking for a nice guy that will write a mysql driver. Hullo C hackers ! Nigel ? Jean-Marc ? Are you alive ? :-)

The postgresql driver functions are documented in the source, and I will answer to any question of course. It is just a matter of writing the same thing, but for mysql !

A very good help is looking into the QT mysql driver source :-)

If someone wants to write the mysql driver, tell me. I will add the mysql libraries and headers auto-detection in the gambas configure script, and the needed Makefile.am file.

Another point, now. I have compiled all C++ gambas files with the options -fno-exceptions. Maybe this could solve the RedHat 8.0 problem.

Can a kind RedHat-8.0 user tell me if this pre-version compiles without the "_UnwindGetIP" symbol missing error ?

Moreover, I added an option in the gambas IDE project. Now the gambas IDE loads its component at startup before any memory allocation.

Can Mandrake users having segfault test if the IDE crashes with this version ?

Thanks in advance, and waiting for comment and help !

Benoît Minisini
mailto:gambas at ...1...

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