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Wed Feb 12 00:02:05 CET 2003

Le Mardi 11 Février 2003 21:04, Jochen Georges a écrit :
> hello gambasians,
> this is the next of my 1001 questions ;-)
> i have got an object of the selfdefined class CCar
> the name of the object is car
> i want to save car in a file, but i do not know how:
> i tried different things, but .....
> this way i got a type missmatch:
> PUBLIC SUB MenuSave_Click()
>   MyFile AS File
>   'OPEN "test.jgf" FOR WRITE DIRECT AS MyFile
>   OPEN "test.jgf" FOR CREATE DIRECT AS MyFile
>   WRITE #MyFile, car
>   CLOSE MyFile
> thanks for any help.
> beste gruesse
> jochen

Alas, at the moment, objects do not know how to write themselves to a stream. 
A standard format should be created for that.

To solve your problem, create a public method in CCar to write each CCar field 
to the stream :


PUBLIC SUB WriteTo(hFile AS File)

  WRITE #hFile, Field1
  WRITE #hFile, Field2
  WRITE #hFile, FieldN


But your request is not stupid :-) I add it to the gambas TODO file !

Benoît Minisini
mailto:gambas at ...1...

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