[Gambas-user] Acknowledgement return from Gambas-user

Benoit Minisini gambas at ...2...
Tue Apr 22 01:55:47 CEST 2003

Hi men,

Here is gambas 0.54 !

This version was release to correct the problem of the gbi program that 
removed the database drivers, and to allow Nigel Gerrard to test its MySQL 
database driver with a new useful tool: the Gambas Database Manager.

This tool is only a alpha preview. You will find it in the ../app/gbdbmgr 

There is a improvement in the translation tool also. When you import a 
translation file, the translation is merged with the current one. It does not 
replace it anymore.

This is very useful if someone send to a translator a few translation 
corrections in a complete translation file.

But, be careful, the new translation strings from the imported file replaces 
the existing translation without any warning.

Enjoy it,

// I hope this mail will be posted without any problem !

// No, it had returned by telling that my Internet Provider reject the
// verification of my e-mail address !  :-(((
// I try by answering an already existing post. It worked tomorrow...

Benoit Minisini
mailto:gambas at ...1...

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