[Gambas-user] gambas writing to /tmp

Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Sat Apr 19 23:54:08 CEST 2003

Salut Benoit,

I'm trying the Knoppix distro actually.
Knoppix normaly don't use any discspace, it is starting from one CD.
Knoppix is based on a debian.
Not thougth for, possible you can it install on a disk.
After installing QT and gambas I can use it (actually without gb.db, 
mysql and postgresql are pressent, but without source code.)

My problem, I'm able only to run it as root.
Starting gambas as member of users it stops because it seams users have 
no rights to write to /tmp
, and gambas to that at starting time.

May be that is only a special Knoppix, and don't apear on other Linux 
systems, but writing to /tmp and having no right for in my case means no 
working with gambas.

I had a look to the properties of /tmp on 3 differend Linux-system, they 
are allways the same.


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