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Fri Apr 11 22:31:00 CEST 2003

Salut Benoît,

sorry to have posted that mail directly to you, that had no special 
So you couldn't have the mail I sended to Nigel ( and not to mailing 
list) about the

rResult = hDB.Exec("SELECT * INTO MyTable WHERE id = &1 AND name = &2",iId, sName)

See Attachment WithDB_04.tar.gz

***** property NAME:
Name is mostly used for the identification of the component.  

**** Available/EOF:
before using this on Tables, (and what else is/was a DB-Table, then a file) it was used on files .

And I didn't know that dBase,FoxBase,Clipper etc.  came form M$.

**** Creating a record in a table
In the late final sense, I think there is no difference between 'creating' and 'adding' .


do you create a baby ? 

do you add baby? 

Or do you install a baby?

No :

you make a baby.

So words have only the sense in the way how they are used.

In this point you dit me missunderstand,  I meant exacly what you wrote in 'BE CAREFULL' , no clear target, no success







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