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Subject: Re: [Gambas-user] How to redim an array of Float
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 22:20:54 +0200
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Le Lundi 7 Avril 2003 19:00, David Campillo a écrit :
> Hello,
> How to redim a array of float ?
> 	redim MyFloatarray(10) don't work

MyFloatarray.Resize (10)

> Thanks...
> David
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Ouhaou  There is lot of work to teach you Gambas is not vb ... lol

Array is a class

You can have information about it on the object explorer

there is lot of apply for array

first you must to declare what type of array you want to use
or Object[]
or a more generic one : Variant[]

so now.....

A classic déclaration :

Dim MyArray as New Integer[]
' in Gambas Dim is not a necessity
so MyArray[10] = 3 for exemple
You can type
MyArray as New Integer[]

to make an array class who content other array class
-> don't forget 'New ' because it's a CLASS and you must to instanciate it
MyArray as New Integer[]

SubArray as Integer[] -> here the array don't exist ...just the type is

i as Integer
MyArray.Resise(10)    -> it's like in vb Redim preserve MyArray(10)

For i = 1 to MyArray.Count - 1
SubArray = New Array   ->here i instantiate a pointer to a new array

Test all of this and tell me if you understand...
If no Write to me in french i'm better in it


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