[Gambas-user] Wire Object

NN heinpol at ...5...
Thu Jul 25 13:17:23 CEST 2002

Hello Gambas-Users

I would like to programm a little example similar to the
characteristic features of VISIO or KLOGIC to learn how
this features are implemented and as a little brainsports. :)

I assume I have to create something like a Net-, Wire- and Node-Object.
The Net contains all Wires which shares at least one Node with another
Wire. A  Wire should be a polyline with Nodes and a Node have some
properties (X,Y,Voltage, Hi-Lo etc.).as in LabView, Modelica/ Dymola.

Maybe somebody has an idea how to start coding this, or even fragments or
code-snippet in Gambas. Even simple hints are very welcome.

Regards Juergen

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