[Gambas-user] Re: Gambas-user digest, Vol 1 #79 - 5 msgs

BODARD Fabien abidoo.too at ...11...
Tue Dec 17 23:09:00 CET 2002

Hello shellfish

Someone can explain me how to use the gdb program?

In fact i've the same problem with the KDE componant :(

My gambas project run and stop immédiatly when i've selected the kde 
componant. There is no apparent crash. I 've don't seen any problem during 
the compilation. But...

I've a suggestion for gambas. For the future. Is it is possible to know the 
Windows Manager ?

 Is think a thing look 'Application.WManager' will be very usefull for the 
utilisation of a special kde or gnome componant.

Regards, Fabien

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