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Fri Dec 13 22:21:07 CET 2002

Le Vendredi 13 Décembre 2002 21:15, gambas-user-request at ...48....net 
a écrit :
Hello Jochen :)

I know some site about Basic, but ... Gambas is a basic with a visual 
interface (I don't want to use the word Visual Basic) The code structure is 
nears the microsoft one. So you can look in the VB site for the basic base
and the structure base, like class, or module.

sunday i will begin to make a new web site in english about gambas and basic.
In exchange please help me to correct my langage fault because when i was a 
student i'll never listen my english teacher :( so ..

Next :

For your Label test this :


Textlabel1.text = "<h3><b>Welcome to you, <i>Jochen</i>, in 
<i>Gambas</i></b></h3><p align=" & "center" & "><tt>It's really symptico, 
no?</tt></p><br><p>&nbsp &nbsp In a few day i promish you a newbies site for 
gambas, answer me what you want to know to help me in the making of a 
FAQ.</p><br><p align=" & "right" & ">Fabien<p>"


<b></b>  for bold
<i></i> for italic
<tt></tt> other font for code
<p> or <p align=""></p> for paragraph
<br> for next line
&nbsp for unbreakable spaces

WHY "<p align=" & "right" & ">" and not "<p align="right">" ?

Because the  "  at 'right' close the string and the other part of string is 
interpreted as code   so ... it make an error!!.

that's all folk


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