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Fri Dec 13 01:10:48 CET 2002

Le Vendredi 13 Décembre 2002 00:25, Jochen Georges a écrit :
> hi,
> i've got a lot of new questions ...
> first of all: can you recommend me a literature about basic-basics?
> something which is for free and online would be great! :-)

No idea. If someone could help Jochen...

> 1111
> how can i make a construktor, do i have to make a destructor?

A constructor is a class public method named _new() called when you create an 
object of this class.

A destructor is a class public method named _free() called when an object of 
this class is destroyed.

To create a constructor or a destructor, just write the corresponding method 
in the class source.

> 2222
> how can i combine some variables to a new datatype, like
> day = {monday, tuesday...}
> x AS day

You must make a class.

> 3333
> how can i make a new line (like <br>) in a textlabel?

with <br> !

> 4444
> what does DIM mean?

It comes from the BASIC original syntax, where DIM was used to declare arrays. 
Microsoft decided to use this to identify any variable declaration.

In gambas, DIM is not mandatory. You can write :

> ok that's enough :-)
> i don't want to bother you, so i would be very happy about
> something like "basic for dummies"
> thanks
> beste gruesse
> jochen


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