[Gambas-user] Re: can i help you ?

Jochen Georges jochen.georges at ...22...
Mon Dec 9 23:05:01 CET 2002

On Monday 09 December 2002 22:32, BODARD Fabien wrote:
> humm hello jochen
> can you explain better your problem?
> i can help you but... tell me more
> or send me your start code i will made a comment code for you.
> poor Shakespeare i've really a bad english!!
> regards fabien

hi fabien, 
i solved the problem, my code looks like that:
PUBLIC SUB Button2_Click()
  SELECT Message.Question("hallo, alles klar?", "ja", "nein", "weis\
    CASE 1
    CASE 2
      Label2.Text = "nein"
    CASE 3
      Label2.Text = "weis nicht"  

but i've got a new question, i tried to do it with a nested 
if-tree, it worked, but the button "nein" and "weis nicht" had to 
be clicked twice. why that?

thanks for any help

beste gruesse

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