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Thu Jul 10 23:18:51 CEST 2014

 > On Mon, 23 Jun 2014, Tobias Boege wrote:
>> A try will show how far I can get with the solution I just sent in another
>> mail. If it's not satisfying, I'll return to this thread...
> I have almost all pieces collected. But take this sample expression (first
> the variable/property/method name, then the class name in parentheses):
>    myGraph (Graph)
>      `-- .Vertices (.Graph.Enumerable)
>            `-- [iVertex] (.Graph.Vertex)
> 	       `-- .OutEdges (.Graph.Enumerable)
> This expression may be used as
>    Dim iEdge As Integer
>    For Each iEdge In myGraph.Vertices[iVertex].OutEdges
>      Print "The vertex";; myGraph.Edges[iEdge].Destination;; "is adjacent to";; iVertex
>    Next
> This way, I have lots of different classes that inherit .Graph.Enumerable
> which is just a class that has a _next() method. But this _next() method
> needs to be implemented differently for different things to enumerate on a
> graph, like vertices, edges or edges going out from a particular vertex.
> You see, there is lots of things to be enumerated here and my problem is
> that I don't want users to have like a half dozen (Graph.Vertices,
> Graph.Edges, Graph.Vertices[i].InEdges, Graph.Vertices[i].OutEdges,
> Graph.Vertices[i].Adjacent) classes to write which all just contain _next()
> methods. (On the other hand, I do want to use virtual classes instead of
> arrays to reduce memory usage for graphs that are implicitly defined by
> another data structure (for which I gave an example yesterday).)
> I thought of having like _nextVertex() and _nextEdge() methods in the
> *Graph* class. Then I could write a .Graph.Vertices class which Inherits
> .Graph.Enumerable and is responsible for iterating over the vertices of a
> graph - once and for all in gb.data. No Gambas programmer would then have to
> write their own .Graph.Enumerable class for vertices (and likewise with the
> other enumerable things).
> Its _next() method would only consist of a call to the _nextVertex() method
> of the concrete Graph implementation. This way, we can preserve the syntax
>    Dim iVertex As Integer
>    For Each iVertex in myGraph.Vertices
>      ' ...
>    Next
> But there is the overhead of the call to myGraph._nextVertex() from
> .Graph.Vertices._next(), i.e. GB.GetFunction() and GB.Call() because the
> actual Graph's _nextVertex() implementation or location is unknown at
> compilation time.
> The goal is, as I said, to reduce the number of short classes the user has
> to write to implements their own Graph. In Java, the situation is a bit
> better because there you can have nested classes which are easier to read
> because they're *inside* the class they operate on and can also access their
> private symbols.
> Do you have a better idea? What I need is a way to iterate over the same
> object in multiple ways, i.e. I need For-Each to be able to pick different
> _next() implementations in the same class.
> Regards,
> Tobi

1) Can you commit your code?

2) Do you want the user to implement its own graph class in Gambas or in

Benoît Minisini

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