[Gambas-devel] gb.crypt SHA checksums

Tobias Boege tobias at ...692...
Sun Feb 10 21:53:54 CET 2013

Hi Benoit,

Sebastian is working on some client for at least Twitter and needs an HMAC
authentication code (or so). This can be done using openssl (hmac(3)) and is
best implemented in gb.crypt, I think.

This would mean that openssl becomes a new dependency of gb.crypt.

Since this is your code, I thought I better ask you before fiddling around
with it. Do you want to implement it or shall I try?

While we are at it, SHA1 is also in openssl, and SHA256 and SHA512 are in
glibc's crypt() (since 2.7 says the manpage). These could be written down
then, too.


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