[Gambas-devel] Removal of gambas2 from Debian

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Tue Mar 8 18:19:54 CET 2011

> Hi,
> Debian has among its targets for the next release removing kde3 and
> qt3 from its archive.
> As far as I know, gambas2 can not be compiled against  qt4 and kde4.
> If that's not the case and it can be done, please tell it to me,
> otherwise I'll ask for the removal of gambas2 from the Debian archive
> within a week.
> Regards.
> José L.

OK. Gambas 2 will never compile agains qt4, so you should ask for its removal.


Qt3 is graphically faster than Qt4 most of the time. 

Qt3 uses less memory.

Qt3 is usable through the network (X11 and NX), whereas Qt4 is far too slow, 
because it caches everything.

So if find that decision absolutely and deeply stupid. If you can tell Debian 
guys... ;-)


Benoît Minisini

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