[Gambas-devel] gb3: Image.Draw method is missing when using gb.sdl

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Fri Jan 7 23:27:09 CET 2011

> Le mercredi 5 janvier 2011 15:34:53, Kevin Fishburne a écrit :
> > I'm in the process of converting my app from gb.image only to gb.image +
> > gb.sdl to improve rendering performance. To my horror I noticed that the
> > Draw method is no longer available. I'm using the following components:
> Draw.Image is no more available in gambas3, instead you must use
> Draw.Begin() / Draw.End() on Image objects.
> > gb
> > gb.image
> > gb.image.effect
> > gb.image.io
> > gb.net
> > gb.sdl
> > gb.sdl.sound
> > 
> > There is a Copy method, though it doesn't have parameters to specify the
> > destination coordinates or width/height for scaling. It's like the Draw
> > method with only the first four parameters. Interestingly good old
> > DrawAlpha seems to still be there (yay!).
> Draw.Copy() method is only to copy the image or only a part of it, no some
> sort of Image.Draw() replacement/workaround, see
> http://gambasdoc.org/help/comp/gb.image/image/copy?v3
> > Should there be a Draw method, or is there a different way to achieve
> > the same functionality? It looks like using "Draw.Image(...)" will work,
> > so I may have to integrate my rendering directly into the SDL backbuffer
> > (Screen_Draw[]), though that would require a rewrite of the rendering
> > pipeline. Final question, if there was an Image.Draw method, would that
> > bypass SDL and use software rendering? If so it may be best for me to
> > rewrite the rendering pipeline so it's pure SDL.
> In a normal world, Draw.Begin() with an Image object, should work, but in a
> world with myself as the maintainer/developper of the sdl component, it's
> not! Why ? Because i'm really a lazy guy. It should be done from a long
> time, but as everybody, i'm a bit busy, with projects/familly/job/...
> Drawing on Images is planned to be implemented through openGL, so (i hope!)
> it should be possible to use the power of the graphic card to to some
> rotation/stretching/zoom dynamicly, and perhaps some other things.
> Sorry for the lack of features of the sdl component, sincerely.
> ++

The Image class is implemented both in gb.image and in the graphical component 
(gb.qt4, gb.gtk or gb.sdl).

The methods of the Image class implemented in gb.image work with an image 
whose data is located in the memory of the running process.

With SDL, there is a trick (Laurent will tell if I'm saying rubbish), because 
the image data may be located somewhere else (inside the graphics card). And 
so alterning between gb.image methods (for example DrawAlpha) and methods 
implemented in gb.sdl may force a synchronisation between image data in memory 
and image data on the graphics card, which is usually not a good thing.

Kevin, I think that you should try to work directly with OpenGL. :-) 

Because, as Laurent said, he will not have the time to implement an Image 
class and the draw methods based on OpenGL, and I won't have the time to 
create a component that will add all the methods you need in the gb.image 
Image class directly.


Benoît Minisini

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