[Gambas-devel] Building Components

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sun May 30 19:44:15 CEST 2010

> Benoit,
> First, I want to say thanks for the reply. Second, I have really enjoyed
> writing applications in Gambas. It has allowed many Windows developers to
> migrate to Linux.
> Where might I find the documentation for component written in Gambas. I've
> create the shell of one but don't understand what do with the 2 classes
> created or where I need to put them to access them.
> I'm want to put reusable logic in these components so they can be more
> easily tested and reuse. I have found that sharing class file between
> projects can be very complicated. 

It should not be complicated now that a Gambas project can use other Gambas 
projects as "library", by using their exported classes, as if these libraries 
are components.

See the mail about libraries on the mailing-list for more details.

> In this situation I would want to build
> components in Gambas to abstract the data. Our legacy system is built on
> C/C++. I would like to build components that interface better with this
> legacy code and encapsulate our business logic...thus also allowing us to
> automate testing.
> If you can help me I would be willing to document the process I go through
> of creating a simple component and posting it for others. 

Yes, give me some details, and ask me some precise questions.

> I think the real
> strength of Gambas is yet to be tapped with the development of components.
> That's what made VB so powerful...were all the 3rd party components.

Mmm. I have bad memories from VB 3rd party components: badly documented and 
full of bugs! :-)


Benoît Minisini

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