[Gambas-devel] System error... (42)

Ron ron at ...572...
Sun Dec 5 10:38:17 CET 2010

Ok. Sometime things get weird...

I found that my command line project wasn't running anymore...

2010/12/04 15:42:16 You have 2 new e-mails on Gmail.
2010/12/04 15:47:16 Uploaded sensor data to Bwired.
2010/12/04 15:47:21 Uploaded sensor data to Pachube.
2010/12/04 16:00:00 The Time of Day is afternoon.
2010/12/04 16:00:00 It's dark outside.
2010/12/04 16:00:00 DomotiGa is running for 0 days, 4 hrs, 12 mins, and 43 secs.
2010/12/04 16:02:21 Uploaded sensor data to Pachube.
ERROR: #42: System error. Success

System error... (42)
This error is raised when a system call returns an error that does not
match another specific Gambas error.

Hmm ok, no clue... yes it's a Linux system, although the error message
has a Windows logic in it.


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