[Gambas-devel] Question about translation

Robert Rowe robert.c.rowe at ...176...
Sun Mar 23 17:33:44 CET 2008

This is a great idea. When you make the change to the controls I'd be 
happy to make the IDE changes. :)

While you're making this change would it be difficult to add a feature 
to the editor class? What I have in mind is bookmarks. They would work 
similar to breakpoints but they wouldn't tie in with the debugger to 
pause execution.

Robert Rowe

Benoit Minisini wrote:
> On dimanche 23 mars 2008, Robert Rowe wrote:
>> A while back I pulled the hot key definitions out of the tooltips of the
>> editor buttons because it broke the translation. You later taught me
>> that including a string in braces would allow the string to be
>> translated. If I assigned the tooltips in code and used braces would
>> this be translation safe? I think that this would go a long way toward
>> making gambas easier to use and I'd really like to implement it but I
>> don't want to endanger translation.
>> Robert Rowe
> It will work, but I want to do that in different way:
> As you may have noticed, many controls have an "Action" property, that is a 
> string. The goal of this property is to group all controls (button, toolbar 
> buttons, menus) that can run the same action.
> The actions are accessed through the Action class. Each action have properties 
> that are applied to each control associated with the action.
> For example, Action["push"].Visible = FALSE will hide all the controls 
> associated with the "push" action.
> I want to add a "Shortcut" property, and when setting this property, the 
> tooltips of the associated controls would be automatically set with the 
> tooltip string and the shortcut string between braces. The shortcut are a 
> string that can be translated too, so that different languages can have 
> different defautl shortcuts!
> Then I want to add to the IDE an "action editor", like the "menu editor", so 
> that you don't have to define action properties by code.
> Then I want to have in the gb.form component (or another one) a dialog that 
> let the user defines its own shortcut for the program.
> People live with fixed shortcuts since the first version of Gambas. They can 
> wait for the 3.0 version. :-)
> Regards,

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