[Gambas-devel] Gambas 2 roadmap

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez jredrejo at ...101...
Mon Jul 3 17:52:57 CEST 2006

El lun, 03-07-2006 a las 13:25 +0200, Benoit Minisini escribió:
> Hi,
> Here is a kind of roadmap for Gambas 2.
> This is a list of tasks, with short comments on their difficulty.
> All tasks in the 'Before 2.0' sections are the tasks I'd like to have for the 
> 2.0 release.
> The other tasks can be added after without problems (for a 2.2 version for 
> example).
> The SDL and OpenGL parts depends on the work of Laurent Carlier. Tell me about 
> that Laurent! :-)
> The GTK+ work may be done by Daniel Campos or another people from gnuLinex, or 
> not.
> The current Workspace class may be replaced by the one made by Fabien Bodard, 
> if it is stable :-) and can do at least the same things. I didn't look at it 
> yet.
> The "import vb" project feature made by Rob Kudla should be replaced by an 
> external tool I think. The IDE should be able just to import a vb form, but 
> that's all. What do you think Rob? Do you use it again? Do you plan to update 
> it?
> Otherwise, the bigger invisible change in the IDE that must be done is the 
> redesign of *.component files, and the move of their interpretation in a 
> dedicated component (gb.info).
> I plan to make interpreter error messages translatable (and maybe compiler 
> error messages too). Do you think it is necessary?
> I think the more important after all these tasks is the 64 bits port. This 
> will need to break a lot of things, so I prefer to make the 2.0 before.
> I can't estimate the date of the release at the moment, as I don't know how my 
> life will be since September. I hope to be paid for working on Gambas next 
> year, and so some tasks may become more important than others. I will tell 
> more soon.
> I want to redesign the web site too. I'd like to know if I can use freely the 
> new 3D mascot made by Marcos Morales, and if he can make more picture and 
> animations with them (for replacing the current moing mascot in the IDE for 
> example).
> Lastly, the longer task keeps being the documentation... It would be cool if 
> people making components could document them a little :-)
> Well, I think that's all... Tell me if I forget something!

Wow! Those are a lot of things to be done. I only miss one: an avahi
component, that together with the d-bus component would allow the
developing of collaborative tools in a LAN environment.
I also would like to see the report component in 2.0, and not after, but
it's clear that there are too many things to be done, and not they all
can be done in the short term. 
Just one last question: I've heard you talk sometimes about the web use
of gambas, not to make cgi, but to develop web apps using the IDE. In
fact I want to remember that was one of the reasons to do the form
component. Do you still have that intention or just gave up ?


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