[Gambas-devel] Spanish documentation

Daniel daniel.campos at ...103...
Fri Jul 16 16:36:18 CEST 2004

> Hi Daniel,
> Ask Rob Kudla, because he should have made wiki in other languages. 
> Personnally, I can only manage the english one.

Mmmh... may be you didn't understand me. What I mean is that I'll be
able to provide static versions of the spanish documentation, and the
idea would be to include it as a part of the Gambas package. For
example, "man" does it, it provides the official page (in english), but
if a translated page exists (man-es, man-fr...), the "man browser" shows
you automatically the translated page instead of the original one. 
Gambas help system could do something like this, or may be ask the user
during the make process if he desires a translated version of the docs.


Daniel Campos

> Regards,

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