[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2761: Error message with DBUS during usage of the IDE

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Tue Jul 4 10:19:57 CEST 2023


Comment #31 by Bruce STEERS:

I did mention in comment #10 Ben it's nothing to do with wayland, it's just a fedora issue with the portal interface not being complete with a fresh out of the box 38 install.

I do not know exactly how mine is now showing all the portal methods but Olivers is not.

The only other thing i did was to activate compiz.  it seemed compiz was not properly running as it had wobbly windows set in the settings but I did not have wobbly windows.
As soon as i launched the compiz fusion icon compiz became active (wobbly windows)
I mention this because in the compiz ccsm settings the DBus option is set so maybe it was that that that fixed it?

So my activities were....
I installed the dektop-portal libs  libportal libportal-gtk3 and libportal-qt5  (i used dnfdragora and searched "portal" to find possibly relevant packages to try)

I did a full update.

I made sure compiz was running using the compiz-fusion icon.

I rebooted.

Sorry i cannot help any further.

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