[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2434: QT Label AutoResize is chopping text

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Wed Jan 5 15:10:18 CET 2022


Comment #9 by Bruce STEERS:

sorry i meant gb.gui.qt.  for me this does not load a qt app it loads a gtk3 one. i have to explicitly use gb.qt5 to get qt.

Here is the output from my app when it is using QT

D Scale =  9 
Me.Font =Arial,12,Italic
lText Arial,12,Italic
FileChooser2 Arial,12,Italic
lText2 Hack,14,Bold,Italic
TextLabel1 Arial,12,Italic
Form1.Form_Show.24: gb.qt5 gb.qt5

Arial 12 is the Font i have set in the GTK global settings

Hack 14 is the font set in qt5ct

lText2 has had it's font set explicitly in the IDE, all the rest do not have a font setting.

attached is how it looks,  they are all using the QT font but do not say they are.



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