[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2139: Could html previewer split horizontal too?

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Thu Mar 18 19:04:50 CET 2021


Comment #4 by Bruce STEERS:

Oooh , yes , fantastic stuff Benoit thank you :)

I'll just cry a little about my "horrible" code :'(
;)  hehe

Great new feature though , can't wait to implement it, i tried in my little test app and works a treat :)

Only thing is the _DrawWith seems broken, i get no borders or anything in the IDE (I think that was why i went for adding it as an option to existing HSplit/VSplit as i could not  get it to draw right in the ide)

As for the wiki , yes sorry about that , i think TextEditor was the first thing i edited on the wiki some time ago and my knowledge was poor at the time. But i was not aware html syntax was not allowed but it does make sense since i have been using markdown more and seen how it falls over with some syntax.  (Will make a mental note for future)

And will use \ less for newlines and just paragraph as required.

Thanks again :)

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