[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2125: gb.poppler still has a dependency on libpoppler

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Wed Mar 10 17:13:55 CET 2021


Comment #5 by Tony MOREHEN:

Here's whats happening currently:
Packages poppler-21.02.0, poppler-glib-21.02.0, poppler-qt5-21.02.0 are installed.  These provide libpoppler.so.107, libpoppler-cpp.so.0.9,libpoppler-glib.so.8.19, libpoppler-qt5.so.1.27.
Gambas,including gb.poppler is compiled and installed.
Programs using component gb.poppler run fine.
Poppler packages are upgraded to poppler-21.03.0, poppler-glib-21.03.0, poppler-qt5-21.03.0 are installed.  These provide libpoppler.so.108, libpoppler-cpp.so.0.9,libpoppler-glib.so.8.19, libpoppler-qt5.so.1.27.  Note the only library version number that changed is libpoppler.
Gambas is not re-compiled.
Programs using gb.poppler fail to run with error (from memory) Failed to load gb.poppler. Cannot find libpoppler.so.107.
Gambas is re-compiled and installed.
Programs using component gb.poppler run fine.
gb.poppler's source only references libpoppler-cpp and libpoppler-glib so there is no need to check for libpoppler.  This was why gb.poppler replaced gb.pdf.  Yet gambas still does that check.

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