[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2114: Add property to Settings class

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Sun Mar 7 20:33:32 CET 2021


Comment #3 by Bruce STEERS:

Hi Michele.
I did try to explain on the mailing list that if you have saved the settings yourself then they do not save on exit.

the Settings class has a $bModify variable that sets to true if you change a setting.
and when you call Settings.Save() the variable is set to False so _free() will not save in this case.

I suspect you have a different issue.

You may be interested to know the .conf file is first made in a temporary location (probably /tmp/gambas.1000/) then once written quickly moved to ~/.config/gambas3/  in a fraction of a second i should think the chances of corruption here are quite low unless your system has a write issue?

And if it is plug removal crashing then how does changing when the settings save solve problem? surely you are still it risk during the other save time as well.

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