[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2248: Setting Breakpoint controls if errors messages are emitted or not

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Sat Jun 12 00:16:49 CEST 2021


Comment #3 by John ANDERSON:

The code is 100% meaningless, I was just experimenting at that point.  Ignore code contents.  I now understand how arrays of structs supposed to work as per your wiki, but we know that's broken.  I had tried that wiki way first and wasn't getting anywhere fast, and I started trying other ways...and then I saw this errors stuff coming and going.

I only include this stupid useless project to demonstrate the problem of errors being emitted to console when breakpoint added - and without breakpoint no errors are produced.  That has us a little spooked...like if a big section of code is compiled and run, could it be that Gambas error checking let something slip past?  Or maybe Breakpoint is adding errors - for instance is it possible the breakpoint caused some errors that we might spend hours tracking down for no reason?

I thought if you looked at this stupid, useless project, maybe a fix for these errors emitted or not would come to you...and then that would fix a bigger problem down the line.

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