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Thu Jun 10 02:46:29 CEST 2021


Comment #6 by Benoît MINISINI:

Please don't talk about different issues. Use the mailing-list for that, or create another issue.

Your videos is exactly what I'm talking about: the silly behaviour of GTK+ combo boxes popups.

As for the translations listed in the combo-boxes, it contains:

- The list of non-void translations of your program.

- The current translation, eventually void.

Note that void translations files are automatically removed when you switch to another target language, or when you close the dialog. So you will see these file creations and deletions. Maybe sometimes they are useless, it's to be checked.

The left combo-box is by default "(Default language)", which is the untranslated strings of the source code. (You can display another translation in the first column, but it's not very useful).

The right combo-box, when the dialog opens, is the current system language. Its translation is created automatically, and deleted automatically if it is void.

Both are usually the same. But technically they aren't. One in untranslated strings, the other one is translated strings.

Why a translation from "en_US" to "en_US" could be useful? Because sometimes, the same strings in English have different translations on other languages. To solve that problem, instead of writing the same English string in your code, you write fake different strings (for example: "#view-verb", "#view-noun" instead of just "view").

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