[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2053: Menu Editor not able to see/set Caption

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Wed Jan 27 16:50:11 CET 2021


Comment #12 by Bruce STEERS:

ooh, horribly complicated then :(

maybe it would be easier to just have gambas detect the size problem that happens and alert user to up their gtk Application font size?

Ive done some testing and finding ubuntu/mint is the only thing that allows me to have font size 10.
But to be fair i had to change that setting myself from the default in debian to get the bug.

So seems i have only had the problem on default setups with suse and fedora.
last commit fixed on all the other systems without me changing font settings.

Hoping this info helps.
I could gather gambas system info on all the systems if it might help?

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