[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2097: ColumnView raise MouseDown only when double clickink mouse

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Sun Feb 21 23:37:19 CET 2021


Comment #4 by Olivier CRUILLES:

Hi Benoit,
I understand your point and this is not hat I want to use low-level event, I try just to use event that is available, just that.

My point is I have implemented in my program 3 years ago the possibility to check or not each line of an ColumnView, well before you implement it.
I use only MouseDown to find by the Mouse.X and Mouse.Y on witch line the user has clicked and the coordinate on X if the user has clicked on the icon display (representing a checkbox)

All worked great until recent version of Gambas Master so it's not a problem to change the way to manage that or use your implemented solution but in a project with 55000 lines of codes it take some time.
If I can spend less time to fix it, ti's better for me.

Could you just provide me a little example because the 'ShowCheck' has not documentation at all or point me to a direction to search please ?


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