[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2082: gb.report2 does not store pages

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Tue Feb 9 19:10:00 CET 2021


Comment #4 by Hans LEHMANN:

Hello Fabien,

I am using 3 sections in a perfectly working report. For example, if I rename a control rhboxCover inserted in a section to rhboxCoverHead in the IDE, then an error is displayed that a control inserted in control XY would not exist!

After saving and reloading the project, there are still 3 sections in Report1 - but without identifiers for the sections. The last two sections are completely empty. But the first section is displayed completely with its controls. ***

Obviously, the individual sections in the Report1.report file are not saved correctly.

However, if I change the name of the control in the Report1.report file in an editor from rhboxCover to rhboxCoverHead, the project starts without error message!

What now - what to do?
The project I am experimenting with is attached.

Can you reproduce the above error?

I encountered the same error *** when I created a new project in which I inserted a report.

    First I added the gb.report2 component in the project properties.
    Then I set the Report1.Count property to 3.
    Then I renamed the three (unlabeled) sections to COVER, CONTENT and SUMMERY.
    After that, I added a ReportImage with different images to each of the three sections.
    Finally I saved and closed the project - without executing it.

This is the source code after saving:

# Gambas Form File 3.0

{ Report Report
  Count = 3
  { ReportImage3 ReportImage
    Image = Image.Load("images/hgb_green.png")




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