[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2186: After Upgrade 3.16.0: Circular reference, Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V slow

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Fri Apr 30 07:42:49 CEST 2021


Comment #2 by ub2:

Dear Benoit

Thank your for your quick respond and fixing master !
=> You may consider the Issue as closed.

I'm therefore patiently awaiting 3.16.1
(For all productive HW I've restored yesterday a Gambas 3.15.2 Image)
(When time I'll update and check a notebook with G3.16.0 stable again)

> 1) Create different issues for different problems.
I assumed that they all were related to the circular reference. Sorry.
(Let's skip the Pango-WARNING issue)

> 2) Use your name or at least a specific nickname.
Modified in Bugtracker. Sorry for that too.

> 3) Provide a project that reproduces the bug...
a) As i wrote I could not yet achieve that.
b) the Circular reference was warned when starting gambas3 from terminal
with: "gambas3 --version" (even before loading any project)

Unsure whether answering this email updates Bugtracker automatically:
- I answer this email and attach below my description for info again.
- If it does not enter, I'll update Bugtracker later manually. Ok?
=> Responding emai failed. 
- bugtracker at gambaswiki.org: Meil delivery failed
- bugtracker-owner at lists.gambas-basic.org: This is a readonly list.

Thank you not only your for your huge work with Gambas,
... but also for the patience with rookies.


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