[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1880: Background remains white on TextEditor control

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Fri Sep 11 21:32:52 CEST 2020


Comment #3 by Bruce STEERS:

Thank you Benoît , I figured i was missing something.

Am i correct in believing as a bucktracker member i can add to the wiki?
I would be happy to add some missing info on this for you (and any other missing info i may find)
I should imagine you folks are all quite busy and the least i could do is contribute where i can.

TextEditor is a lovely control, I'm loving it, especially as one of my current apps is an app for managing all my gambas apps :)
Currently called GambasMan but might call it GambasTweak (I hope i'm allowed to use the name Gambas like that)
It's initial purpose was to list all my gambas app projects folders (I've a few) and let me manage a source and dist directory for my apps and compile the exe into the dist folder with any chosen exe name and any other files i want in the dist folder but not added to the exe at compilation.

But it's progressing now to include an installer script creator (minimum required gambas components), an argument editor, and now a source code editor.
The fact it's the same control the IDE uses with all the same features is perfect :)

Many thanks , i'll have a look at the wiki syntax learning thing and see if i can help.

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