[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1879: Properties 'Arguments' field crashes IDE if backspace pressed when all text is gone

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Wed Sep 9 00:58:04 CEST 2020


Comment #5 by Bruce STEERS:

aah yes i understand.
I actually upgraded the other day but then found to run my programs compiled on 3.15 required the 3.15 runtime. All well and good for me i thought but the upgrade might be beyond the average user that might use my apps, plus i have a number of linux systems with all my raspberry and orange pi's and would need to upgrade them all. So i veered off the upgrade for the sake of the average user and decided to stay with the mainstream version most other folk would have.

I suddenly see now how bug reporting on the old version is probably a waste of time. :-\

hmm, options (i do want to upgrade but reluctant for the above reasons)

Do you think some kind of re-compiler might work?  I could work on something like that maybe?
If the project save files are not too different between 3.12 and 3.15 would it be possible to use 'gba3 -x' in a way to extract the source and recompile a .gambas file?

I assume backward/forward compatibility in 3.15 is over-complicated? (i mean making a 3.15 exe compatible to run with the 3.12 runtime still (or the mainstream versions of the future))

You see the dilemma though i hope? Upgrading the IDE makes my programs incompatible for those who haven't. I think the message "Bytecode mismatch please upgrade gambas" could mean the first and last time someone tries my program lol.

My latest project GForm (shell interactive gui creator using pipes) I'm hoping might get some use. it's a gambas made zenity like app but supercharged ;)

Many thanks again for your time

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