[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1714: gb.pdf fails to build when Poppler 0.84 is present (current Arch/Manjaro version)

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Fri Jan 17 22:04:16 CET 2020


Comment #2 by Tony MOREHEN:

There have been many issues over time with gb.pdf.  Most of them seem to arise from the fact that gb.pdf is linked directly to poppler's unstable, internal api: libpoppler.so.  Poppler's README recommends using the stable api's: libpoppler-cpp, libpoppler-glib or libpoppler-qt5.  libpoppler-cpp has no additional dependencies.

Excerpt from the README:
# Stable and unstable APIs

Poppler provides stable, public APIs for its various front-ends, and
an unstable API for Poppler's own internal use.  The following
directories in Poppler's source tree have the **stable APIs**:

* [cpp](cpp) - Stable C++ API for examining the structure of a PDF
  file and rendering it to a raster image.

* [glib](glib) - Stable C API with Glib/GObject idioms, to examine the
  structure of a PDF file, and to render its pages to [Cairo]

* [qt5](qt5) - Stable C++ API with [Qt5] idioms, to examine the
  structure of a PDF file, and to render its pages to `QPainter` or
  `QImage` objects.

**WARNING:** Poppler also provides direct access to its internals,
since various tools historically use the C++ header files that came
from XPDF and which became the basis for Poppler.

* [poppler](poppler) - **UNSTABLE, INTERNAL C++ API** to operate
  directly on Poppler's internal representation of PDF files.  *If you
  use this API, you are on your own*.  This API may change at any
  time, even among minor versions of Poppler!

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