[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1732: Debian Package control File Depends and Dummy Packages

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Sat Feb 22 19:31:59 CET 2020


Comment #8 by REALITYRIPPLE:

Fedora is happy. Not 100% certain about SUSE or Mageia because of missing dependencies - SUSE doesn't have the "gambas3-gb-sdl2-audio" package for some reason, and Mageia's still on 3.13, so they both failed to install the project I'm testing with for reasons other than the version numbers, but I'm guessing since they got far enough to complain about those problems, the dummy packages must have successfully marked the real package as a requirement, so I'll say 95% sure about SUSE, 80% sure about Mageia. If they follow Fedora's behavior correctly, though, then I'd say problem solved!

REALITYRIPPLE changed the state of the bug to: Accepted.

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