[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1732: Debian Package control File Depends and Dummy Packages

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Fri Feb 21 22:37:08 CET 2020


Comment #3 by REALITYRIPPLE:

I don't think the full release number is being correctly passed along to the requirements for RPMs... It looks like it's using the package number without any distro derivations. That makes YUM complain that "program <= 1.0.0-1 is needed for program-qt5-1.0.0-1.fdr.noarch", for example, when it probably should be "program-1.0.0-1.fdr". That or the release number is not supposed to be referred to directly in the case of RPMs, and then this request should have been for DEB files only. I really wish these things had clearer documentation...

REALITYRIPPLE changed the state of the bug to: NeedsInfo.

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