[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1730: gb.pcre Component RegExp Causes IDE Debugger Bug

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Mon Feb 10 23:27:45 CET 2020


REALITYRIPPLE reported a new bug.


gb.pcre Component RegExp Causes IDE Debugger Bug

Type             : Bug
Priority         : Low
Gambas version   : Master
Product          : Development Environment


Because RegExp switched to being a sort of array, and since the Count value ignores the [0] match and just returns the number of Captures, the IDE will show the values of a RegExp array like a normal array during debugging, specifically listing items 0 through Count - 1, thus omitting the final Capture from the debugger's variable display.

My best guess at a non-language-impacting change would be to determine the upper bound instead of relying on Count.

System information

Definitely a problem in daily build, probably been in there since SubMatches was phased out.

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