[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1856: Toolbar config error when dragging an icon to the FToolbarConfig form.

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Wed Aug 19 20:39:05 CEST 2020


Comment #2 by Bruce BRUEN:

Hmm, I posted a comment here yesterday but it seems to have disappeared.
What I said was...

When I started cleaning out one of the projects to send to you, I found that the problem is local to our code. More than that it arises from "unrelated" code. 

What I have is a library in all the projects that fail. If I remove that library then the ToolBar configuration works.  

This library we have used for well over 5 years and it has never caused this problem with Toolbars before. So I am hesitant to just close this item as I think it still may be a bug or at least a regression error. 

Anyway, that was yesterday.
What I have found today is that the library uses one of our custom components to create menu items at runtime.  It is a "recent files" type of thing that, well, just like "Open Recent" in the IDE. That "vRecent" component has not been touched for over two years, which I verified from the date of the RPM file.  To complicate mattes further that vRecent component uses a further custom component (VMenu) that "virtualises" the VRecent component into a control that can be dragged onto a form. In other words The whole "Recent Files" feature can be implemented in a form just by including the vRecent component and dragging it from the toolkit onto the form.

Now the library is just a set of standard and product related forms that the usual type of "common stuff" like log in (aka authentcate db access) and access to the generic product help. (hmm I wonder where I got the deign ideas for that ;-) So I don't think there is where my problem lies.

When I started looking further down the chain I thought maybe I'd complie the components again and maybe I'll find something. Well this is where the proverbial SHTF!
The bottom level vMenu component has the following custom control setup:
Public Const _IsControl As Boolean = True                        ' 
Public Const _IsVirtual As Boolean = True                        ' 
Public Const _Family As String = "Form"                          ' 
Public Const _Group As String = "Special"                        ' 
Public Const _Properties As String = "*,ParentMenuName,-Background,-Drop,-Expand,-Font,-Foreground,-Ignore,-Mouse,-NoTabFocus,-PopupMenu,-ToolTip,-Tracking,Caption,Shortcut,Icon,ParentCaption,Action"
Public Const _DefaultSize As String = "3.5,3.5"
Public Const _DrawWith As String = "Button"

Now this project currently wont compile and crashes the IDE "sometimes".

When I get that sorted, I'll get back to you.

Bruce BRUEN changed the state of the bug to: Accepted.

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