[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1689: Since 3.14.1 i-nex crashes with "Read-only Array"

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Fri Nov 29 21:17:01 CET 2019


Fabian MAURER reported a new bug.


Since 3.14.1 i-nex crashes with "Read-only Array"

Type             : Bug
Priority         : Medium
Gambas version   : 3.14
Product          : Unknown


Starting with gambas3-runtime 3.14.1, i-nex doesn't work on my Arch Linux Machine anymore.

It gives an error "Finfosys.Form_Open.115: #65: Read-only array".
Though I don't see why the array would be readonly, it should not be... At least according to the documentation I found, it should not be by default read-only.
For reference, this is the code: https://github.com/i-nex/I-Nex/blob/08cd99f9b0b019a90a684837f47dc419945d6d4d/I-Nex/i-nex/.src/Finfosys.class
(Line 19 the declaration, Line 115 the crash location)

Could you look into this please?

System information

Arch Linux x64

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