[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1521: Code search in all sources fails

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Wed Feb 6 20:40:00 CET 2019


Comment #14 by C THAL:

I have no idea also. I didn't write that code, which is quite complicated, so I am not able to understand it in all consequences in a short time. And I even don't have the time to.

All I saw is, that (correct) line numbers which were found by Grep point to the wrong line numbers in TextEditor which is used for the search function. Why that happens ... I don't know. Maybe the reason is caused by different language (french vs german)? But the failure definately is in TextEditor.*

On your computer with the fix: Does the search in Gambas code for "Popup", "pop" and "Row" works without problem? Does the search find each occurrence of a word in the first  or last line of a file? Then it should be merged.

I could also give you the virtual machine (it also happens at my physical machine), so you can play around with it by yourself. But its a fat long-lasting up- and download and I would have to clean up some keys.

* Because on this machine, where this problem happenes, while debugging, the highlighted line which should mark the current code line is always one line ahead! I can send you a video of that.

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