[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #1521: Code search in all sources fails

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Tue Feb 5 14:23:33 CET 2019


Comment #8 by C THAL:

What I found: TextEditor is wrong by 1 line.

FSearch searches for "pop" in all files.

In the file "gambas/app/src/gambas3/.src/Component/CComponent.class" search (for "pop") finds at line 155 this:
'   $cName["gb.pdf"] = ("PDF renderer based on Poppler library")

But stores the next line in aResult.
'   $cName["gb.qt4"] = ("QT4 toolkit")

Please look at the picture. How and where is the TextEditor object filled?

When I debug, I also see that the TextEditor is wrong by one line ... crazy ...

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