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[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2892: TerminalView does not like to resize


Comment #1 by Bruce STEERS:

Some observations..

This does seem to be a general terminal (maybe bash) issue that the other terminals programs handle differently.

If I do the same thing in Konsole the view seems to reset leaving the prompt/command line now at the top of the terminal and the rest of the view cleared.

mate-terminal shows some odd things before the prompt line but the text after the prompt/command is cleared okay.

gambas TerminalView seems to be doing mostly what mate-terminal is doing it's just it is not clearing the view of the now superfluous text below the command once the prompt position moves.

I wish i could help more but i've only touched the surface of how these terminals work my friend and this is well beyond me.
I'm hoping you'll be able to crack this one :)


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