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[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2881: Dynamical created TextBox rejects any dynamic font manipualtion while designer created TextBox supports dynamic font manipulation.


Comment #2 by Steffen PLOETZ:

Hello Benoît,

my sincere apologies! I can no longer understand the problem either. The code here works and does what it should:

Public Sub btnTestDynamicTextBox_Click()
  Dim oTextArea As TextArea = New TextArea(Me) As "ctrlTextArea"
  Dim oFont As Font = New Font("Nimbus Mono PS, Bold, 24")
  oTextArea.Text = "This is a test text, that should occure in 'Nimbus Mono PS, Bold, 24'."
  oTextArea.Ignore = True
  oTextArea.Font = oFont
  oTextArea.X = 100
  oTextArea.Y = 100
  oTextArea.W = 200
  oTextArea.H = 100

Thank you for the effort and the quick response.

Regards, Steffen

Steffen PLOETZ changed the state of the bug to: Accepted.

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