[Gambas-user] is possible to "inglobe" data (audio, video, etc) into gambas code?

roberto.premoli at tiscali.it roberto.premoli at tiscali.it
Tue Sep 19 17:38:07 CEST 2023

Il 17.09.2023 14:00 Bruce Steers ha scritto:

> On Sun, 17 Sept 2023 at 00:48, wrote:
>> hello,
>> my need is ti advise the user with sound: i just discovered how to 
>> play
>> a audio with
>> music.load("/path/to/clip.mp3")
>> music.play()
>> and it run smooth.
>> Anyway, it coud happen that clip.mp3 can be corrupted, deleted, etc.
>> So the qeustion is:
>> it is possible to "inglobe" int into the source code of gambas?
>> it will allow me to avoid to manage the extenal clip.mp3 because it
>> will be always inside the program.
>> As alternative, is possible to generate some advise sound equivalent 
>> to
>> "allert", "incamig call", "new mail", etc with primitive of gambas
>> without use external audio sounds clip?
>> Thanks,
>> Roberto
> do you just mean "include" your sound files with the executable?
> that is fairly simple.
> Just create a folder in your project directory, for example "sounds" 
> (you
> must not use .hidden folder names unless it's name is .public)
> Put your clip.mp3 file into the sounds folder then access it like 
> this..
> music.load("./sounds/clip.mp3")
> or
> music.load("sounds/clip.mp3")
> BruceS

i already did this, but it is not "INSIDE" the code, is still a 
separate file.
it is "WITH" the executable, i want it "INSIDE" the executable. is it 

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