[Gambas-user] Play (and record) sound in gambas3: how to do?

roberto.premoli at tiscali.it roberto.premoli at tiscali.it
Sat Sep 16 00:35:46 CEST 2023

Il 15.09.2023 22:05 roberto.premoli at tiscali.it ha scritto:

> Hello,
> how to play sound in gambas? i just need to play saund, no matter 
> wav,
> mp3 or what ever format.
> I search on wiki, founr "musi" and read i t but i understood nothing.
> Someone can just drop a line?
> I just need the instruction ti play "/path/sound.mp3"
> Second ad if possible: can i record audio form micrpone and save on 
> file
> using native command in gambas?
> Thanks,
> Roberto

i solved adding library gb.sdl2.audio and then running command:


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