[Gambas-user] Problema with stop event on gb.web.gui

Marco Ancillotti gambas at servinfo.it
Fri Sep 15 18:06:17 CEST 2023

Hi Benoît ,
thank's for the answer , is there another way to filter what can be 
inserted in a webtextbox ?

Il 15/09/23 15:48, Benoît Minisini ha scritto:
> You can't cancel keypress events in 'gb.web.gui', as they occur inside 
> the browser.
> The browser is not allowed (not by me!) to send the event to the 
> server and waits for its answer to know if it should cancel the event 
> or not.
> 'Stop Event' just prevents the trigerring of shortcuts associated with 
> the pressed key.

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