[Gambas-user] Would an ArrayList datatype be helpful for gambas users?

Martin Fischer martin.fischer6 at web.de
Sun Sep 10 21:10:07 CEST 2023

> I don't see the need of that as you can already use an array to do the
> same thing.
> Or maybe I missed something?


first I was confused about your reply...
Then I thought: He really should know...
Then I fired up gambas to find out if native arrays do already have the
convenience of my ArrayList...

And yes: you are right. Arrays resize automatically and have a "add to
tail" method (Add), and, and, and, ...
The only thing they do not have is the Slice (sublist view) stuff. But
that is surely not a justification to add another class.

I'm just wondering why I did not find this in the gambas-wiki. Is it
possible that this is basically undocumented?


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