[Gambas-user] Initial support for making AppImage

Benoît Minisini benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org
Thu Sep 7 12:21:11 CEST 2023

Le 07/09/2023 à 10:47, Claus Dietrich a écrit :
> Hi
> I recently managed to generate Gambas AppImages and documented it for 
> the German Gambas Club community (sorry - in German only):
> https://www.gambas-club.de/download/file.php?id=981
> My method:
> - Generating the recipe
> - Adding required packages
> - Starting the generation of the Gambas executable in the IDE which does 
> the entire rest automatically and also asks for the password of the 
> signature.
> Today I tested the new IDE feature with Linux Mint 20.3 Mate with Gambas 
> installed via ppa. The packaging failed with below output.

You must use the latest master and specify a correct Ubuntu repository 
and an Ubuntu version supported by the PPA ('una' is not).

> In my practice with Gambas AppImages I always had to add additional 
> packages which doesn't seem to be supported yet. Signatures are also not 
> supported yet, right? Hope that this can all be fixed.

No idea yet, I must know how that works first.


Benoît Minisini.

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