[Gambas-user] Merge question for Gambas3 on gitlab

gbWilly gbWilly at protonmail.com
Fri Jun 30 18:23:36 CEST 2023

Hi All,

I did some dutch translations in my cloned repository of the gambas3 master.
I committed it and then pushed it to my fork of gambas3.
Next on gitlab I placed a merge request with gambas3 master 2 days ago.

Yesterday I did some more translation, commited and pushed them to my fork of Gambas.
I noticed that I could not do a merge request, I guess because there is one pending.

My questions:
Will the changes of my last translations of yesterday be automatically merged into gambas3 master when the translations of 2 days ago are merged by Benoît, or do I need to wait for his merge and then do a new merge request for the latest translation?

If the last is the case, is it then possible to first close this merge request (of 2 days ago) and then do a new one that has all changes (so also those of yesterday) incorporated in the request?



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